Tips On Renting Out Your Home Privately

renting out your house privately is tough, but can save you on property management costs

When you want to rent out your home privately, it is important to understand that this is not just a simple process. In many instances, it would involve a number of complications. You therefore have to understand the kind of challenges that you will have to go through during the entire process. At least when you know about such details, it would be much simpler for you to handle your tasks and eventually rent out your home without any hassles.

When renting your house out privately, there are certain steps that you have to go through. These steps might not be a standard unit. They are however vital because they offer you a sense of direction. Different authors will give you conflicting information about renting out your house but the information is normally related to a similar subject. What you just need to do is to connect the dots. So, if you are planning on renting your house out privately, here are the major steps that you will have to go through;


This is with no doubt a very important bit. Therefore, you cannot just overlook it. By doing research, I mean that you need to use various informational resources to learn about private rentals, what the situation in the housing industry in your locality has been like in the recent times and the kind of options you have when you want to rent your house privately today. This again, just like I had stated before helps to give you some sense of direction.

Develop a winning strategy

A strategy acts like a guide or master plan on which you will base most of your rental decisions. The good thing is that a strategy is mostly long term and thus you can use it in a diverse range of settings. One of the build-ups to the strategy is to give your house some makeover of sort. This is where home improvements come in. You need to take care of paints, flooring, landscape and lawns here.

Do some quick renovations

Home improvements are just the same as improvements. If you are renting your house out privately, it is important to make sure that it is attractive over the competitors. This ensures that it attracts many prospective tenants thus you rent out your home faster. Renovations can include cleaning up the house both on the inside and taking care of the gardens and the yard, re-painting walls, getting new carpets, planting colourful flowers in the flower garden among many other aspects. Basically, in such a case you are trying to boost the aesthetic appeal of the house you want to rent out.


After you have renovated and made the house attractive to potential renters, the next most important think would be to market it. Advertisement is definitely the most common form of marketing. You can post the property on online classifieds or sites that deal with property rentals. Perhaps it would be a good idea to do some research on how to write persuasive advertisement pieces. Advertising your house on more than one platform also helps to better your prospects.

There are many other channels that you can use when advertising your house. For instance, you could post the adverts on local dailies. Word of mouth would also do if you want to rent it out the people in the locality. You can still put a “For Rent” sign outside the house for ease of communication to by-passers.

Show them the house

After you have posted your adverts on the necessary platforms, you will then have to wait for prospective bidders to come view the house. If they come in large numbers, just let them all view the house. You can also take this time to ask them some questions regarding their previous tenancy, where they work, whether their income can cater for the rent needs among many other things. This is just intended at making sure that you are renting your house to the right kind of people.

Do your due diligence

This borrows from the previous phase. This is where you are trying to get acquainted with the prospective tenants before renting your house out privately to them. You can take this chance to ask about references, employment, their views regarding your house, the size of their family and many other aspects that you would want clarifications on.

Do the necessary paperwork

The tenancy agreement is the most important document in any form of tenancy. It has to be signed by the two major parties involved. This is also the time when you get to agree on terms of paying rent. You need to make sure that the tenant well understands how you like things done. If you love collecting rent in advance, it would also be important to let them know so as to avoid any kind of surprises.

If you can follow these simple steps, you can be sure that renting your house out privately would never be a hard or tedious task. Different people might have varied perceptions about renting their houses privately, but if you have chosen to do it, there is no harm. Just make sure you follow the guidelines here to the latter. Plenty of research, especially through the internet will also be major help to you. It is important to seek inspiration from established property sales and rental professionals.

The internet is one of the best places to place your advertisement when you are renting your house out privately. There are plenty of classified sites where you can do this. Sites that are affiliated to your region would be the best choice for you in such a case. This is because they will make the task of reaching out the potential renters much simpler. The good thing is that there are millions of such sites and thus you cannot miss one that is linked to your region of property development.

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