Services and Facilities to Look For in a Self-Storage Provider

Services and facilities to look for in a self-storage provider

Not every self-storage warehouse is right for everyone, you should prioritize your needs before signing up for self-storage facilities.

Tie-in period

The tie-in period for self-storage is a key selling point for most businesses and individuals. If you know how long you’ll need the storage space for in advance, then you should book storage for a set amount of time on a certain cycle of payments made.
Many individuals and organisations are not able to state what their requirements are at the drop of a hat, so it helps to look at self-storage warehouses that offer a short tie-in period by paying on a week-by-week basis. If you do know how long you will need the service, you’ll probably get an overall better deal by agreeing to a longer length contract beforehand.

Flexible size, flexible access

It is usually the larger one-site self-storage providers that offer flexible storage space, where you can easily adjust your square-footage requirements.

Not all storage facilities have 24-hour access seven days a week, while others are opening late during the week but close early on weekends. In some cases they don’t allow you regular access at all – and some long-term storage providers even charge you to access your belongings within the agreed storage term.

Location is really important too. Not only look at how close the warehouse is to your home or business, but also at whether or not you have to use busy roads to access it – otherwise you could find yourself sitting in rush-hour traffic just to access your stored items.

Safe and secure?

Check the security at various self-storage facilities you’re considering. Ask yourself if you need a state-of-the-art security system or 24-hour manned security. If you are storing high value items, the answer to both of those questions will be ‘yes’. Don’t assume every facility has adequate security for your needs.

Will the facility have security on each storage space within the facility as well as the main entry points and its perimeter? You don’t want the building locked tight only for other clients to be able to access your stored items.

Do you require said self-storage warehouse to be manned? Not everyone is happy to use a facility that is unstaffed, especially if they have to access the self-storage facility late at night. You may also require assistance with heavy items and not all storage providers will automatically provide this service.

Special storage requirements

Check that you’re allowed to store the types of items you want. When it comes to household or office items, it’s unlikely to be a problem, but that’s not the same when it comes to storing vehicles. Not all storage facilities are set up to store vehicles. Some can store standard cars, but not coaches or caravans. Others specialise in storing classic cars. If you are storing a vehicle, make sure your insurance covers the type of storage facility you have chosen.

Say hello, say goodbye

How do you plan to move your items to and from the self-storage facility? Does the provider offer discounted packing supplies and budget van rental?
Doing your research before you hand over your money for a self-storage facility should mean that you are able to get the best value for money service that meets your requirements. Always visit the facility before signing a contract and make sure you take a check-list with you to ensure you don’t miss anything when you’re checking the premises.

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