House Renovations: Finding Hidden Treasures Under The Floorboards


Many older homes today were constructed with wooden floors. Because of their durability and classic style over the years, many homeowners have chosen to keep these wooden floors in place. Others have simply placed new flooring over the older wooden floors when making renovations. However, at some point, renovations will require the older wooden floorboards to be removed. Finding hidden treasures under floorboards during a renovation may sound like something out of a Hollywood movie, but it actually is more common than you might think.

Why Hidden Treasures Are So Common

Today, when people want to store valuables for safe keeping, they will generally keep them in a lockbox or safe. This is a great place to keep items safe from theft and vandalism while also ensuring that the items do not get lost or misplaced. However, in the old days, it was far more common to hide items of value in the home, such as under a mattress or even under the floorboards. A floorboard could easily be lifted up to reveal a great hiding place, and the board could just as easily be returned to its normal place without anyone else being aware of what is hiding below it. However, when individuals have died, their treasures were not discovered by those who removed their personal effects from the home. In some cases, the homeowner has moved away and has forgotten about the items stored underneath the floorboards.

Different Items That Have Been Found

Over the years, home renovations have revealed a number of hidden treasures underneath the floorboards. For example, antique dishes, family heirlooms, jewelry, antique coins, old weapons and more have all been found under floorboards. These items may have personal significance to those whose homes have remained in the family, but often, there is also considerable financial valuable to these items. In many cases, the hidden space in the floorboards has created a wonderful area that has preserved these items well over the years.

The Value of Your Treasure

Hidden treasure found in your home can be valuable in different ways. When many people think about finding hidden treasure, they think about the considerable value that it may have. Antique items and heirlooms are often highly valuable, and this may be even truer if the items have some historical significance to them or have been very well preserved. However, in many cases, there is some emotional value associated with finding treasure in a home. Many people who have older homes love the character of their house, and the treasure they find provides them with a tangible connection to the history of the home. Some people will sell the treasures that they find for a monetary profit, but others will keep their treasures to display in their home to display for their own benefit and to show to house guests.

If you have been renovating your home and have stumbled upon a treasure in the floorboards, it may be worthwhile to talk to an antique appraiser, a coin appraiser or another related professional to learn more about the value of the item. In the process, you may learn more about the historical significance of the item and other important factors. Then, you can make the determination about whether to proceed with selling the item or keeping it in your possession.

Peter Wendt, writer from Austin, Texas, recently renovated his old home to find numerous antiques hidden under his old floorboards. He recommends that others restoring old homes contact this Central Texas foundation repair company for home leveling needs.

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