10 Ways To Increase Your Real Estate Value

clever ways to increase your home value

Your home is probably the largest investment you have ever made. Therefore, you want to take care of it, and make sure it is at its best value. Here are 10 tips for increasing the value of your real estate.


I mention landscaping here, first, because of the curb appeal. The first thing that people will notice as they drive down the street is your garden. If it is overgrown, with a decaying fence and dead or untended trees, they will assume that the house itself is in a similar condition of neglect.

Have the weeds mown or chopped down. Remove dead shrubbery and dead trees, and trim up trees with dead branches. Have sod, ground cover, or pavers installed over the bare dirt. This gives the property a well-cared for look that reflects on the quality of the house or office building. Don’t forget to put some potted flowers around the entry.

Loft Conversion

Does your home have a loft? This can be a fantastic selling point for your home. A loft conversion might involve installing skylights and making sure that there are computer and cable connections. Also, make sure the HVAC does its job in the loft area. A well-appointed loft space will make a major difference in the resale value of your home.

Restore Your Fireplace

The vast majority of people actually romanticize about a fireplace in their home. Even if you have tired of yours, it is still a major selling point, so spruce it up. First of all, have a sweep come and clean out your chimney and inspect it. He can tell you if it needs mortar or repair. Add a rain cap on the top of the chimney, if it doesn’t have one.

The hearth and fireplace surround are important decorating points. It is well worth the expense to have a modern façade replace dated brick or stone.

Upgrade The Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen is likely to have close to a 100% return on your investment. The kitchen, even in this age of fast food, is still the heart of the home. New appliances and new cabinet doors can work wonders on your home’s resale value.

Upgrade The Bathroom

The next most profitable area to upgrade is in the bathrooms. New fixtures and finishes will bring about an 80% return on your investment.


If you have a security system installed, you will make your home more attractive to buyers. You can also consider installing a security fence and a security gate around the garden. This is a big selling point that attracts buyers.

New Windows

Nothing ages a house as much as old, peeling windows. Install new energy efficient windows to increase the resale value.


If necessary, rent a storage unit for excess furniture. Move out the clutter and anything you have stored. Clutter attracts the attention of the shopper, taking their focus off of the house itself.

Stage The Home

If necessary, it is well worth the investment to have your home staged. Put everything you own in storage, and have matching, nice pieces of furniture brought in to make the place look better.


This is probably the least expensive of all solutions, with the biggest impact. A fresh coat of paint, inside and out, will clean up the house, making it look new and move-in ready.

These 10 ideas to improve your real estate value will bring more money for your property, and make it easier to sell, as well.

Josh Andrews loves to decorate, when he isn’t improving the looks of his house, you can usually find him working for a company selling a wide range of home furniture.

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