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Services and Facilities to Look For in a Self-Storage Provider

Services and facilities to look for in a self-storage provider

Not every self-storage warehouse is right for everyone, you should prioritize your needs before signing up for self-storage facilities.

Tie-in period

The tie-in period for self-storage is a key selling point for most businesses and individuals. If you know how long you’ll need the storage space for in advance, then you should book storage for a set amount of time on a certain cycle of payments made.

House Renovations: Finding Hidden Treasures Under The Floorboards


Many older homes today were constructed with wooden floors. Because of their durability and classic style over the years, many homeowners have chosen to keep these wooden floors in place. Others have simply placed new flooring over the older wooden floors when making renovations. However, at some point, renovations will require the older wooden floorboards to be removed. Finding hidden treasures under floorboards during a renovation may sound like something out of a Hollywood movie, but it actually is more common than you might think.

Colonial Style Living Room Design


Colonial style is sometimes thought to be austere and not “hip” enough. But it all depends on how you use it. Colonial style is almost an equal combination of European, American, and rustic styles melded together.Like America itself, colonial style is a melting pot of different influences. As a mostly agrarian society in the 1700s, there was not a need for large mansions unless the homeowner was very wealthy. Much of the population spent their day outdoors working the fields. The small homes had simple, yet elegant décor some of which was brought on the ships to America. Trunks held items including china, clothing and other necessities while traveling and once in America the trunks could then be reused as furniture – waste not, want not. Most often, local carpenters built the homes using indigenous dark woods and pine flooring.

10 Ways To Increase Your Real Estate Value

clever ways to increase your home value

Your home is probably the largest investment you have ever made. Therefore, you want to take care of it, and make sure it is at its best value. Here are 10 tips for increasing the value of your real estate.

When Should You DIY And When Should You Hire A Professional?

maintenance on your home or vehicle

There are some essential items we all depend on that can easily be fixed at home with DIY methods. However, there are other important items situated around the home or office that require professional maintenance. Performing DIY repairs on these items is not good idea as you will risk damaging the item. An air conditioner is one such item.

Improvements To Make When Selling A House

making renovation or home improvements when selling can help to increase the sale value.

If you want to sell a house, you need to appreciate the fact that it’s a pretty competitive market these days and you may need to pull out a few extra stops to get the right buyer. Millions of home owners out there in different parts of the world want to sell their homes. Apparently, most of these people are not successful in winning the right customers let alone the best price for their property. Therefore if you want to sell your home soon, it is important to do some home improvements on it so as to boost its market value. When it comes to these improvements, it is advisable to go for cost-effective improvements in a bid to maximise your returns on investments. There are two major categories of home improvements. There are those improvements that are seen as an overhaul of the entire project where almost every aspect about the property is built a fresh. On the other hand, home improvement can involve simple and practical improvements that are aimed at maximising average cost and boosting returns on investment.