Video Marketing & Optimisation To Help Agents Generate More Leads

agents need video marketing to generate leads

In the past one decade, a plethora of digital marketing tools have been unveiled by marketing professionals across the globe. Thanks to these developments, property development and sales professionals are now able to find attractive ways through which they can communicate openly, interact, and create good relationships with their customers. Real estate agents across the world are fast adopting the use of video marketing in their marketing campaigns. Therefore, if you are an agent and you have not adopted these tools, you are probably not keeping pace.

There are many reasons as to why you as a real estate agent should be using videos; this is especially important in marketing campaigns.  Here is a look at some of these reasons:

You need videos to build relationships with customers

Videos have some element of interactivity in them. They therefore help to develop the feeling of familiarity between your customers and the business. On the other hand, if people are able to watch your marketing videos, see what you are offering, know your services, and also know how they can communicate with you easily, they are more likely to work with you.  Therefore, when you are setting up strategies for marketing your real estate business, video marketing is something which you cannot overlook. Videos offer the most vital first impression. This is what acts as the building blocks for a good relationship with customers.

Videos help you to stay on top of their minds

It is not good for marketing if customers would forget about you after buying a house and staying there for a year or so. It is always important to make sure that you are maintaining contact with all your customers even after you have helped them to sell or buy homes. You will mostly be remembered by customers if you offer them some support or help. For instance, you could diversify your business to offer home improvement and maintenance services. This helps you to stay in the customers’ minds even after you have helped them buy their respective homes. The best way to communicate the message across in such a case is through the use of videos.

Videos make it easy for customers to find you

In today’s digital age, many people love to search for properties through the internet. Searchable videos on video sharing platforms such as YouTube might be a great help. As a matter of fact, these videos help to boost your Google rankings. Therefore, if customers can locate your video link among the topmost results on Google, they would most likely want to click through and read your content. This boosts your relevance on the internet as well. Therefore, video marketing is something you ought to consider if you are into real estate and properties industry.

Videos help you to grab the attention of your prospective customers

If probably you did not know, videos account for 50% of all the activity taking place on the internet today. Therefore, if you have a video link on your site, more customers would be clicking on it. Moreover, these internet users would stay on your site much longer than when they were reading basic content. That means a greater opportunity for you to capture these people as leads. These leads are what translate to sales and eventual long-term clients for you. Therefore, if you want to boost your appeal on the internet, the use of videos is tantamount.

Videos help people to view you as a local expert

The use of video marketing helps to cut a niche and differentiate you from your competitors. This would however only occur if you can deliver fresh videos to your current, past and even prospective clients on a regular basis. The good thing with videos is that they have a personal touch in them. They are also more interesting to watch as opposed to reading plain content. If the videos you are sending to your clients are truly helpful, they will greatly boost the number of visits you get on your site, social network or blogs. This translates to more leads and eventual increase in sales and profitability. Therefore, there is no way you can choose to overlook the essence of the use of videos in the modern day real estate industry.

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