How to Sell Your House without an Estate Agent

How to sell your house without an estate agent

Over the last few years the housing market has been at an all-time low. No-one could afford to buy at normal prices, and no-one wanted to sell their property for unrealistically low prices so everything came to a halt. Gradually the market has begun to improve and sales of properties are rising once again. However this time, there is one distinct difference. With the economy having been at such a low point, sellers are now questioning the need for an estate agent to handle the sale of their property.

Services and Facilities to Look For in a Self-Storage Provider

Services and facilities to look for in a self-storage provider

Not every self-storage warehouse is right for everyone, you should prioritize your needs before signing up for self-storage facilities.

Tie-in period

The tie-in period for self-storage is a key selling point for most businesses and individuals. If you know how long you’ll need the storage space for in advance, then you should book storage for a set amount of time on a certain cycle of payments made.

Other Methods of Earning Extra Income Besides Property Investing


While investing in real estate property for the purposes of renting it out can be a great way to earn extra income, it might not be the financial windfall that you are expecting. Things can happen to disrupt the monthly rent, and you might find yourself searching for other ways to make some extra cash but are there legitimate ways to earn some more money on the side?

When Is A Good Time To Sell Your Home?

christmas period can sometimes be the best time to sell your home

Melbourne, Australia is the place to be if you are selling a property during this holiday period. It is what is referred to as a sellers’ market – there are plenty of buyers looking to buy all kinds of properties. So if you are asking yourself – when is the right time to sell my house – this is it.

Selling A Property Online – The Easy Way

If you are looking to sell your house, then one of your main priorities has to be to sell your house while ensuring that you make the maximum amount of profit from the sale. The problem with this is that most people use real estate agents to sell their home, and these real estate agents typically charge very high commission fees and will take a large portion of the proceeds from the sale of your home for themselves. If you are serious about making a real profit from selling your home, then you need to look for alternatives to real estate agents.

Selling Your Home Privately Is Easier Than You Think

tips on selling your property privately using the internet

In the past, the property market has received a beating and this has somehow led to many people withdrawing from the real estate business or selling their properties because A) it’s too costly and B) the market has been down. Now, the internet has a range of various websites that will allow you to sell your home online without having to use an agent which means that you will ultimately save thousands on the sale of your property and will therefore make it more viable and profitable to sell your own place. Here are some tips on how to sell your property using sites like this.

How To Sell Your House Online & Not Pay Massive Agents Commissions

selling online to save on real estate commissions

By selling your house privately online, you can avoid the ever high agency fees that would stop you from reaping even greater benefits from the sale of your home. In order to be successful in making a good deal and saving yourself thousands on agent commissions, you will need to know how to sell your house online. Below are just a few tips to be able to sell your house using the FSBO approach.

Selling Your House Privately? Here Is How To Do It

tips on how to sell your property privately

If you are looking to sell your home and make the maximum amount of profit while doing so, then you may want to consider avoiding using a real estate agent or company to list your home, and instead sell your house privately. Selling your house privately is definitely the best way to maximise your profit as it will allow you to avoid having to pay the incredibly high commission fees charged by real estate agents. Still, a lot of people are interested in trying to sell their house privately, but have no idea where to start or think the entire process will be much too difficult or time consuming to really be worth it.

House Renovations: Finding Hidden Treasures Under The Floorboards


Many older homes today were constructed with wooden floors. Because of their durability and classic style over the years, many homeowners have chosen to keep these wooden floors in place. Others have simply placed new flooring over the older wooden floors when making renovations. However, at some point, renovations will require the older wooden floorboards to be removed. Finding hidden treasures under floorboards during a renovation may sound like something out of a Hollywood movie, but it actually is more common than you might think.

Colonial Style Living Room Design


Colonial style is sometimes thought to be austere and not “hip” enough. But it all depends on how you use it. Colonial style is almost an equal combination of European, American, and rustic styles melded together.Like America itself, colonial style is a melting pot of different influences. As a mostly agrarian society in the 1700s, there was not a need for large mansions unless the homeowner was very wealthy. Much of the population spent their day outdoors working the fields. The small homes had simple, yet elegant décor some of which was brought on the ships to America. Trunks held items including china, clothing and other necessities while traveling and once in America the trunks could then be reused as furniture – waste not, want not. Most often, local carpenters built the homes using indigenous dark woods and pine flooring.